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Leading Web3 Entertainment

Bleeding-edge live shows, a string of 'world's first' productions, multiple sold out drops, 100K+ connected wallets, and nearing $1,000,000 in payouts to Jambb creators...and we've just begun.

From World-Famous to Up-and-Coming, Entertainers Trust Jambb

We launched Jambb Comedy to validate Jambb's technology, team, and process. We've since onboarded more comedians to Web3 than any other platform and are currently working with top agencies to grow our roster.

Building the Web3 Entertainment Destination, One Experience at a Time

We’re bridging the divide between real life and Web3 at every step. Whether it’s access to exclusive content, encounters with favorite entertainers, or attending in-person or virtual world events, Jambb’s stadium-like experience brings you more.

2021 — Hannibal's Comedy Jambb

World's First NFT'ed Comedy - Music Variety Show

A riotous, one-of-a-kind music and comedy experience featuring Hannibal Buress and friends. Stand-up comedy and live music from Hannibal Buress (Spider-Man, the Eric Andre Show, Broad City), plus performances by Azhar Usman (Ms. Marvel, Ramy, Patriot), Al Jackson (Comedy Central Presents, BBC’s Officially Amazing), and Paul Elia (Conan, Marvel's Agents of Shield).

Non-Fungible Jokin' — 2021

World's First NFT’ed Comedy Production

Led by the team behind Netflix's The Standups and David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Non-Fungible Jokin’ was the world's first comedy show made for the blockchain. Filmed at the famed Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles and hosted by Moses Storm, NFJ featured comedians including Pete Holmes, Maria Bamford, Beth Stelling, Adam Ray, Ian Edwards, Chauntè Wayans, and Zainab Johnson.

2022 — Your Mom's House

World's First Mainstream NFT'ed Podcast

Tom Segura and Christina P.’s wildly successful podcast, Your Mom’s House, has amassed a cult following of more than 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and receives millions of worldwide downloads per month. The podcast features lots of oversharing, plus interviews with comedians, musicians, and actors. Thanks to Jambb, YMH Studios’ hilarious antics have a home in Web3 with NFTs featuring never-before-seen footage and one-of-a-kind perks for Mommies and comedy fans alike.

Roommates — 2022

World's First NFT'ed Social Media Comedy Production

Amidst a global pandemic and a tour freeze, the hilarious Ian Edwards and Paul Elia created Roommates, a series of skits inspired by the complexities of cohabitation. Jambb released the Roommates NFT collection alongside exclusive giveaways to lucky holders, and the drop sold out within hours.

2022 — NFTs Suck

Europe's First NFT Gated Comedy Show

Knowing NFTs have to be more than just fantastic photos or videos, Jambb is leading the way in IRL utility and has kicked off a campaign of NFT-gated comedy events, starting with a show in Berlin exclusively for Jambb NFT holders.

Nearing $1 Million USD in Payouts

The Jambb community has delivered nearly $1,000,000 in payouts to the entertainers we’ve partnered with and championed, thanks to generous revenue sharing and a focus on helping them extend the reach of their work into Web3 and beyond.

Jambb's Investors

The Future is Multichain, and Jambb is Already There

Jambb is on multiple environmentally-friendly blockchains, and we're constantly leveling-up and learning.


Flow was built to address user experiences at scale and is trusted by the world's foremost brands. Jambb has become one of Flow’s top projects in all metrics that matter, alongside a cohort of brands like the NFL, NBA, Samsung, and Warner Music Group.


Moonbeam is the leader on Polkadot and is continuing to break new ground and onboard developers, apps, and consumers into its vibrant, swiftly-growing ecosystem. Jambb is the first to onboard productions and live experiences to Moonbeam while pioneering new methods of connecting fans with the content they love.

Our Staff

Jambb is powered by its people. With a common love of all things comedy and skills honed at the likes of MTV, Disney, eBay and AssetBlock, Jambb’s team elevates the Web3 entertainment experience.

Alex DiNunzio

AssetBlock, Fuze

Brandon Groeger

Chief of Staff
AssetBlock, Merrill Lynch

Val Henderson

VP, Content

Brandon Henderson

Head of Jambb Studios
Qualtrics, Overstock

Audrey Jacobs

VP, Engineering
eBay, Grindr

Caleb Ginsberg

General Counsel
DLA Piper, NY Yankees

Joshua Maddox

VP, Marketing & Blockchain Innovation
Acumen, Kin

Ami Watkin

VP, People
Notion Consulting, DLA Piper

Bobby Moore

Sonos, athenahealth
Lead Blockchain Architect

Heather Ritchie

VP, Strategy
Repable, Onboardly

Mark Koerner

VP, Product
Disney, Dictionary.com

Kain Ip

Product Designer
PupUp, Codemao